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Teacher Training International- Mexico


"The trip was amazing. The people were gracious and loving. Megan and Lydia led a fantastic travel into the Aegean Sea. And the yoga was enriching. Thank you for such a marvelous experience."

- Pam H, Greek Island Yoga Retreat

Forearm Balance- Inversions

"When you witness and experience an expert sharing their knowledge of pristine wisdom and guiding you down the clearest path possible, you take with you absolute confidence. Flow Yoga School is on a higher level of training through the combination of expert trainers.  Megan and Lydia provide a complete training program of energetics, anatomy, and a professional flow built from their wisdom so you can carry with you a confident and safe foundation in your yogic path. The depth of Flow Yoga School breaks through the mat to touch and transform your life as a whole making an unforgettable time stamp."

- Laura H 

"Totally amazing trip!! Stunning location on a gorgeous Greek Island with lovely people and healthy, delicious food. A truly beautiful hotel with impeccable service and our own beautiful Yoga Shala. And oh yeah, skillfully led, challenging and life giving yoga every morning and evening. Megan & Lydia were great teachers and trip facilitators, and the group they attracted was fun, safe, curious and caring. We loved the whole adventure and did not want to leave - and can't wait to go back!"

- Jim and Julie, Greek Island Yoga Retreat

I had an incredible experience participating in Megan and Lydia’s Assistant Mentorship Program while in Mexico. Having already earned my 200 hour certification, I had the unique opportunity to support others who were there to earn their certification. It made me recall all the excitement and nervousness of when I first began my teaching journey, and it allowed me to hold empathetic space for the others there. It was absolutely amazing learning in such a paradisiacal environment while building beautiful friendships! I chose to sit in on most of the lessons with the 200 hour students, which was a much needed refresher for me. My favorite part of the program was assisting the other students in postural alignment, and helping them practice their verbal cueing. I also had the opportunity to sequence and teach a class, followed by a one-on-one evaluation from Megan and Lydia. They cultivate such a safe space and always offer constructive feedback to help me grow as a teacher. I am constantly learning from both of them! The program is quite immersive and challenging, but I felt so much compassion and support from Megan, Lydia and the other students which made it such a worthwhile experience. I am looking forward to taking more of their 300 hour modules!

- Jodell Rogers, 300 HR Module Training

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